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Atrium 916 is a Creative Innovation Center for Sustainability. It Sacramento’s economic driver for socially conscious, environmental creatives who are working on landfill diversion, building sustainable products and micromanufacturing. The Atrium assists over 700 local creative businesses, with coaching, community meetings and resources. Atrium 916 developed and maintains an e-commerce website program with over 100 Sacramento sellers. Atrium pushes forward the make in place movement, selling only Sacramento made products at Sacramento. Shop (plus a retail store in historic Old Sacramento). Atrium produces events, experiences, broadcast television and systems that educate on circular economy and how together we all can build a kind, creative and sustainable future. The Atrium has a strong understanding of the needs of our broad creative economy, and how we must build the circular economy in a bottom up approach, to ensure we meet the economic and cultural needs of the community.
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Shira Lane