What is We Prosper Together?

Taking a New Approach to Building Economic Strength.

As the economy, industries, and climate shifts, we can’t be left behind. This is our opportunity to approach economic development inclusively. To reimagine our economy and workforce, it’s up to us to come together, elevate voices, and take action.

Our Mission

We Prosper Together is taking a community-led approach to economic development. We elevate diverse voices, amplify local solutions, and aim to create living-wage jobs for a thriving future.

Our Vision

To build a lasting economy that represents and meets our community needs, enabling families to thrive for generations.

Our Values

Open Collaboration

By building bridges, listening, and learning from each other, we can pave a shared path forward toward meaningful change.

Uplifting Diverse Voices

We are committed to elevating the strengths of our communities and ensuring that those who have been left out have a seat at the table.

By Our Community, for Our Community

We’re building an economy that works for all of us. That requires an approach that’s led by our communities and embodies the diversity of our region.

Key Goals

Create a Collaborative

Connect the region to make collective decisions.

Co-Design a Regional Roadmap

Design a shared economic roadmap to a thriving economy that is tailored to the needs of our communities.

Attract Investments To Our Region

Encourage diverse streams of investments that support our region to thrive for years to come.

Create Accessible Living-Wage Jobs

Generate more living-wage jobs for all by embracing the growing sustainable economy.

Our Region

We Prosper Together encompasses the richness and diversity of the counties that make up our communities.

  • Colusa County
  • El Dorado County
  • Nevada County
  • Placer County
  • Sacramento County
  • Sutter County
  • Yolo County
  • Yuba County

Funding Streams

Our efforts are supported by different funding streams through California Jobs First (formerly known as the Community Economic Resilience Fund).
Planning Phase Fund

Provides funding to establish planning partners, enable research and community engagement, and define a Regional Economic Plan.

Implementation Phase Fund

Invests in ready-to-launch projects that align with Regional Economic Plans across the state.

Catalyst Fund

Invests in putting our Regional Economic Plan into action by providing funding for project development and regional alignment.

Economic Development Pilot Fund

Invested in eight projects statewide to serve as demonstration projects for the Implementation Phase.

Tribal Fund

Supports economic development in tribal communities by funding tribal-led planning and projects.

Our Team

Valley Vision is the backbone organization supporting We Prosper Together. Our diverse team is dedicated to uplifting our communities.
Take action for our future. Join We Prosper Together.

No matter the level of commitment, there is space for all to join We Prosper Together. Join us in working together towards a shared vision for our communities.

We Prosper Together