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California Mobility Center

CMC is a public-private partnership of governmental and non-governmental entities, leading universities and colleges, electric utilities, technology and automotive companies, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists and others. CMC is developing its own programs and strategies to accelerate the commercialization of advanced mobility technologies and services in Sacramento, California for the benefit of citizens globally by creating new technology, developing open-sourced standards and evidenced-based policy, and conducting applied research suitable for worldwide adoption of advanced mobility. CMC was conceptualized with workforce development as its bedrock; with that in place it will nurture the companies that will commercialize clean mobility products to lead the world to a lower carbon future. Most importantly, CMC will have a focus on workforce development partnering with us and other community organizations, universities and community colleges as a workforce development nexus to train and connect workers to these new and exciting opportunities. The established partnerships will ensure that the CMC’s workforce training programs include opportunities for residents in our disadvantaged neighborhoods.
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