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Camptonville Community Partnership (CCP)

Camptonville Community Partnership (CCP) was incorporated in 2001 as a 501(c)(3) with the vision/mission, Rural people working for a safe, sustainable and healthy community. Through our projects and programs CCP strives to deliver community-driven outcomes in Camptonville as well as our neighboring foothill communities in Nevada, Sierra and Yuba Counties. Our work has been supported for over 2 decades through community partnerships, including local business, individual contributions and grants. Please visit our website or our facebook page. Since 2001 CCP has become the voice of the foothills in Yuba County bringing the concerns of the frontier/rural communities to decision makers. Often leading the way to make sure that our disinvested communities and workers are represented. One of our current projects is the Forest Biomass Business Center (FBBC) which will turn forest waste into green energy and jobs. The heart of the FBBC is a 3MW bioenergy plant which will employ approximately 22 locals, with livable wage jobs with benefits. The business center allows for many more entrepreneurial ventures that will be able to co-locate and use by-products from the bio-energy plant.
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