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City of Rocklin

Located in South Placer County at the intersection of Interstate 80 and State Highway 65, Rocklin is a preferred location to live, work, visit, and grow business because of its convenient location, excellent schools and universities, abundant recreational opportunities, and the highest commitment to public safety. With a population of 70,469, Rocklin has been one of the fastest growing cities in California, with approximately 65% growth since 2000.Those who call Rocklin home enjoy schools consistently listed with the best in the Sacramento region. Low crime rates and top- notch public safety departments have also placed Rocklin in the top 40 safest cities in California and made it one of Money Magazine’s Top 50 places to live in the United States. The City of Rocklin brings a focus on developing a strong, diverse local and regional economy to the table. The City of Rocklin’s Economic Development Strategy leverages the strengths its public and private partners throughout the region in order to foster a thriving business environment that is conducive to business growth, retention, attraction and creation. Recognizing the value of collaboration, Rocklin is also a member of the Greater Sacramento Economic Council, with the Mayor serving on the Board of Directors and staff serving on the Economic Development Director’s Taskforce.
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