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Our organization is a Joint Powers Agency, a local government Special District. We are a governmental entity and non-profit. We are registered with the State Controller’s Office and the Secretary of State as a local government Special District without taxing authority. Connecting Point has a vast experience in Workforce Development and Subsidized Employment and paid internships. We currently have about 2,500 individuals in our programs. We are the employer of record, we do background checks (fingerprinting), train for job readiness, and placement with employers where we pay the individuals, and the employer trains them. Our programs are for 6-12 months depending on the eligibility (most are 6 months) and at the end they have established skills, work history and are job ready and many are hired by the employers who trained them. Connecting Point is also the Dial 2-1-1 telephony for all of Placer county and provides information and referrals to Placer County residents. Connecting Point works throughout Placer County as well at Nevada County, Sierra County and Plumas County.
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