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County of Nevada

The County of Nevada serves just over 100,000 people on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Grass Valley, Nevada City, Truckee and nine unincorporated areas make up Nevada County. The five-member Board of Supervisors is the legislative and executive body of county government, adopts an annual County budget, and serves as the governing body of the Nevada County Sanitation District. In addition, Board members represent the County on numerous intergovernmental bodies. In its legislative duties, the Board adopts ordinances, resolutions and rules and is responsible for seeing that all Federal and State mandated functions are properly discharged. The County of Nevada will bring knowledge, experience, purpose, and rural representation to the CERF planning process. We have a track record of outstanding planning and implementation of projects, and strong practice of effective collaboration with community, regional, state and federal partners. We share many challenges and opportunities with the Sacramento Region, and we are enthusiastic about actively participating in the CERF process. Furthermore, we share the challenges and opportunities of both the subregions of the Truckee-Tahoe Basin Region and the Sierra Foothills and believe our participation will be advantageous to the vision to generate and grow long-term sustainability throughout our region.
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Kimberly Parker