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Placer County Economic Development provides holistic economic development services, working with other County agencies and our external partners to provide solutions that help to create jobs and increase business opportunities, while respecting the contextual environment of those opportunities. Placer County Economic Development already partners with cities, unincorporated areas, and nonprofit organizations, as well as businesses, developers, and investors. Whenever possible, we try to leverage solutions, while being inclusive in our problem-solving. Placer County Economic Development vows to offer the assistance of other County departments as appropriate, and will act as the central point of contact for the County. The County has extensive experience in other collective impact projects, and welcomes this coordinated effort in a broader region. Placer County Economic Development believes that partnerships make the economy stronger, and efforts must be inclusive. Placer County stands ready to help Valley Vision to reach stakeholders throughout the County and looks forward to assisting with planning efforts, as needed.
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