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County of Sutter

The County of Sutter is a local government agency responsible for the local administration of federal and state laws and regulations which protect the public's health, safety and welfare, the environment, agriculture, and the consumer. It is also responsible for providing a variety of services to the residents of Sutter County. These services range from public safety, such as law enforcement and fire and emergency services, to health and human services, such as behavioral health and public assistance programs. Additionally, manages the development of public infrastructure, which services the commercial / agricultural and residential regions of the County. Our organization brings to the table a deep understanding of the region's needs and the challenges and barriers in meeting those needs. The County has knowledge and expertise in a variety of issues due to its role in providing public services to the County's residents in compliance with federal and state mandates. The County utilizes public outreach opportunities to receive feedback from residents which provides critical insight into our communities"" needs. Furthermore, the County is a valuable source for information on the region's existing infrastructure and can help with identifying gaps.
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