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County of Yolo, Department of Community Services

The Yolo County Department of Community Services’ mission is to preserve, enhance, and promote quality of life and public safety through the responsible development of reliable and sustainable infrastructure and services. In addition to hosting the County’s Planning & Public Works, Environmental Health, and Integrated Waste Management Divisions, the Department oversees climate action and sustainability efforts for the County, including the County’s climate action and adaptation planning (CAAP) process. As part of our CAAP process, the County will be conducting in-depth, multilingual engagement throughout the unincorporated areas of the County throughout 2023, and setting goals and priorities for decarbonization, fleet transition, food system security, and more. By joining the Sacramento Region High Road Transition Collaborative, we can ensure that our planning efforts and goals reflect the priorities of the collaborative and are focused on a sustainable and equitable economic transition.
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