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The Tribe, as a sovereign nation, offers diverse tribal government services and programs such as education, environmental protection, housing, health care, elder care, and economic development that improve the quality of life for its some 1,000 tribal citizens and surrounding communities that ranges along the Feather River Drainage Basin that includes Butte, Yuba and Sutter Counties. The Tribe, after nearly two decades, formed a partnership with the Seminole Tribe of Florida, owners of Hard Rock International, to develop and manage HRHCS (one of the largest private employers in Yuba County) that is in the Sports and Entertainment Zone in Yuba County. The Tribe’s governing body has seasoned leadership that participates in local, regional and national governance, economic development, housing and healthcare. The Tribal Council has been serving for the last 18 years providing consistent leadership and vision for their people and surrounding community. Mark Birtha, who is the President of HRHCS, is a proven hospitality leader with over 30 years of development, operations, and community relations experience. He manages a team of over 1,200 and the Tribe’s investment of over $500M in the Yuba Sutter region. This partnership brings the power of government-to-government consultation experience, and a solid understanding of practical governance, combined with the unparalleled industry leadership and executive expertise of HRHCS. This brings an unique combination of governance and economic development experience to the CERF planning process.
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