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Everyday Impact Consulting develops innovative strategies that resonate with the most vulnerable communities to create systemic change, foster meaningful partnerships for our clients, and build community capacity. We focus our work on three core values: Innovation, Inclusion, and Impact. Established in 2012, EIC’s mission is to create a lasting impact for our clients through re-imagining systems and developing innovative strategies by collectively realizing a future of social justice and liberation for all. As part of this mission, EIC has worked collectively among multi-sector stakeholders to create coalitions and engage in community-centered social movements and statewide campaigns/initiatives. Through their collaborative and culturally-responsive consulting approach, EIC provides tailored and customized experiences that center and uplift the voices and priorities of impacted communities to disrupt and achieve the systemic changes and results for communities to thrive. Additionally, EIC has extensive experience developing strategy, implementing tactics, and coordinating and managing multi-sector teams of over 100 community partners and stakeholders across Sacramento/Yolo County.
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Maikhou Thao