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Global Urban Nomads is a non-profit organization that seeks to impact global economic development by aligning efforts to the seventeen United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We attract and develop talent, capacity, and competencies of people, teams, and organizations to bridge the Sacramento regional ecosystem to bridge with a global innovation ecosystem to meet the call to action of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Focusing on three pillars of transfer skills; Transformational Leadership, Social Entrepreneurship, and Intercultural Competence, we offer a competency-based learning pathway and global service-based learning journeys. Specifically, we take a hy-flex approach and utilize a custom integrated educational technology platform forming a fully digital global learning ecosystem to consult, coach, and train to empower regions to bridge with globally distributed teams to launch novel emergent business models in support of global economic empowerment. Our organization brings to the table, a global community of caring compassionate leaders with a goal to build a global network for training and development of emerging leaders by developing skills in transformational leadership, social entrepreneurships and intercultural competence. Specifically, we provide transformational leadership seminars and mentorship, develop a community of global change agents and social entrepreneurs, and support small business development and incubation to connect global markets.
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Jeffrey Mrizek