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Kitchen Table Advisors, established in 2012, envisions regenerative farmers and ranchers as thriving leaders of a vibrant, community-based economy that is rooted in equitable distribution of power and resources. Our flagship program provides multi-year, in-depth, one-on-one, customized business advising to small, sustainable farmers and ranchers. We serve a hundred agricultural businesses across Northern and Central California, including the Sacramento Region. Through our more recent regional ecosystem building projects we forge strong collaborations to strengthen small farm access to land, capital, and markets. KTA is a project of the 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation Multiplier. Our organization brings deep expertise in the areas of farm business and financial management, serving historically underserved communities, and partnering on projects to achieve tangible outcomes that direct financial capital, market connections and other resources to strengthen the economic viability of small, sustainable farmers and ranchers. With a deep commitment to agricultural communities in the Sacramento Region, KTA brings a unique rural, small agribusiness perspective and network of farmers to the HRTC.
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