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Our organization is a public benefit corporation creating a new model for feeding communities to make everyday eating easier. We’ve designed a flexible, highly efficient processing and distribution model to make and sell preps: whole food ingredients fully cooked to save time. Our business Marcellus Foods is focused on centering equity within the supply and demand side of the food system through deep partnerships with regional producers and a culinary strategy co-created with the communities we serve. Our organization’s deep experience in the food and agriculture industries have prepared us well to develop a business model focused on feeding people at scale, affordably, while providing strategic business opportunities for local & small food producers. Procurement (for schools, hospitals, prisons) is also part of the institutional structure we are building. Our founding team are alums of Bay Area food entities like Chez Panisse, Thumbtack, and Good Eggs and retailers Walmart and Target. We will share our considerable expertise working throughout the food system, with a particular focus on leveraging convenience as a means to drive consumption of high quality, nutrient-dense foods. Our participation in the CERF planning process will help elevate the unique needs and opportunities to support businesses building strong regional value chains that span from producers to eaters.
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