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Nevada City Rancheria Nisenan Tribal Council

Our Tribe is listed on the Native American Heritage List and is the legacy Tribe that has been here for thousands of generations before the gold rush and our Tribal members remain here in our homelands today. We are very pleased to be included early in this process and see a great benefit to our Tribe if this funding is successful. This is what inclusion looks like. The social and racial justice movement is important to the Nisenan people. We bring education and truth of history to our partners and extended communities. We fight for visibility and inclusion and stand against the further erasure of our existence here. We bring experience and knowledge of place to the table and believe that we can continue to exist in our homelands as viable community members and do so without leaving our Culture behind. Strong alliances and funding are crucial watermarks in saving the Nisenan Culture and elevating the Nisenan Tribal members.
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Shelly Covert