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Nevada County Free Range Beef

Our organization has an 18-year history of grass-fed, grass finished beef product in Nevada County. We purchased the business in September of 2023 and are excited to grow and adapt to the needs of restaurants, retail stores, and individual customers in our region. Personally, I have over 40 years of experience in the cattle industry spanning multiple states from helping my family manage a large cow/calf operation in MT and WY with over 10,000 head of cows to being awarded the single, national internship with the Certified Angus Beef Program and always owing my own cows. Our organization brings to the table insight into the local area’s strengths and needs for successful beef production and dissemination. We understand the challenges of brining high-quality beef to a region that has a limited number of options for growth due to the lack of local processing plants, USDA cut and wrap options, grazing, and creative outlets for product.
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Elizabeth Strong