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ProjectAttain!, created in 2018, has a mission to advance equitable academic attainment for adult learners with college credits but no degree or industry-recognized certificate, offering wrap-around program services to support satisfying those degree or certificate requirements. This mission aligns with the equity goals of CERF as data demonstrate that adults with incomplete degrees are disproportionately women and historically underrepresented minorities. In addition, the lack of degree completion is a significant barrier to social and economic mobility. By supporting this specific population, ProjectAttain! increases educational attainment for adults in the region, changing their career trajectories, improving the quality of life for its participants while helping local industries unlock access to the talent they desperately need. ProjectAttain! also serves as the central "hub" or backbone organization for the Sacramento K16 Regional Collaborative. Funded by the State of California, ProjectAttain! will coordinate, align, and (as a Board of Directors) serve as the fiduciary for the effort. The K16 Regional Educational Collaborative partners are committed to alignment with the CERF program. As regional CERF lead, Valley Vision will sit on the K16 Executive Committee. Conversely, ProjectAttain!, as the K16 lead, will participate in the CERF HRTC and serve on the Leadership Council. In addition to cooperation across the two initiatives mentioned above, by participating in the HRTC, ProjectAttain! will ensure equitable educational attainment goals are vital components of the essential economic equity priorities.
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