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Sacramento ACT has served as a powerful multi-racial, multi-faith organization advocating for the investment and transformation of our community. We equip ordinary people to effectively identify community issues and solutions. Our members include over 40 congregations serving low-income communities of color, representing 40,000 families in Sacramento County. Through our organizing and power building model, we create a more just and fair community for everyone in the Sacramento region, with a particular focus on communities of color that have experienced historical discrimination and disinvestment. Our organization brings over 30 year experience of community organizing grounded in the conviction that equity—just and fair inclusion in society—must drive public policy. We have amplified the voices that are often disempowered in our communities: youth, people of color, immigrants, residents experiencing homelessness, the formerly incarcerated, and new voters. We have worked to improve education system, safety in our community, increase access to healthcare, support immigrant rights, address environmental and climate justice, job creation etc. In the last 2 years, Sacramento ACT has engaged over 30 congregations participation on the Census Complete Count and participated in COVID-19 safety outreach.
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Gabby Trejo