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Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates

Our organization is a non-profit organization dedicated to making our region a safer, healthier, and friendlier place to ride a bike, whether for commuting, recreation, or exercise, for all people, regardless of race, income, or ability. We stand committed to fostering safe and accessible streets for biking and other modes of active transportation in Sacramento area neighborhoods that, because of historically unsustainable and inequitable land-use decisions, are disproportionately burdened by poor air quality and the highest rates of traffic injuries and fatalities. SABA works to promote diverse and inclusive participation in local transportation decision making by raising the voices of residents of historically marginalized communities and communities of color. Our organization bring(s) to the table 20+ years of work in Sacramento to ensure that people can get around on safe streets, plus community roots in several areas of Sacramento. We have a broad reach across the SACOG region as the host of May is Bike Month and a network and listserv of over 10,000 people who care about safe cycling in our region.
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