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The approach of the HRTC is consistent with the values and approach of the Foundation. As one of the largest grant makers in the region we are committed to fostering equitable communities through philanthropy and community leadership. We look forward to building on our past collaborations with you, most recently the joint development of the 2021 Food System Action Plan (FSAP) which, based on significant community input, identified the requisite actions aimed at fostering an equitable and sustainable food system. The Foundation has been committed to strengthening this region for 40 years and enjoys a strong record in both leading and collaborating on the area's most pressing issues, and therefore bring the experience and expertise to become a valued partner in the HRTC. For example, the Foundation was chosen by the State to be the lead Administrative Community Based Organization (ACBO) for the 2020 Complete Count effort in Region One, an area which included 17 Northern California Counties. Our efforts exceeded expectations due to our approach of focusing on community and trusted messengers to determine the most effective ways to reach the hard-to-count populations. We will be drawing extensively on this and other experiences to support and strengthen the effort of the HRTC.
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Anthony Taula-Lieras