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Sierra Health Foundation: Center for Health Program Management

The Center was founded in 2012 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit focused on the social determinants of health. This holistic definition of health undergirds its approach to advancing its mission and determine its programmatic priorities. Where people live, work and play, and the opportunities these environments do or do not provide significantly influence their immediate well-being outcomes. As such, The Center pursues its work with a health, economic and racial equity lens and an intentional commitment to eliminating disparities that disproportionately impact identified populations and communities in Sacramento and throughout California. The Center has launched the Community Economic Mobilization Initiative, designed to advance social and racial equity by providing community organizations and leaders the tools necessary to guide community economic development projects. Through this work will provide the Sacramento-Region CERF collaborative, The Center will utilize its expertise to support the engagement of community partners in the regional leadership.  
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