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Slavic-American Chamber of Commerce

Our organization stands at the forefront of representing the immigrant and refugee community in the greater Sacramento area. Over the past 13 years, we have dedicated ourselves to understanding the unique challenges and aspirations of this vibrant community, forging deep relationships and fostering trust. During the challenging times brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, our Chamber took proactive measures to reach out and provide essential technical assistance to small businesses in need. Recognizing the vital role that these businesses play in our local economy and the disproportionate challenges faced by those owned by immigrants and refugees, we tailored our initiatives to ensure their sustainability and growth. Given our experience, expertise, and history with the immigrant and refugee community, it's imperative for our organization to be included at the planning table. As plans and strategies are devised for the future of our community, the voice of the immigrant and refugee small business owners must be heard loud and clear. We seek not just inclusion, but a collaborative partnership where our insights and experience can be used to enhance the strategies and decisions that will shape our community's future. We aim to ensure that the immigrant small business community is not only represented but is also served in an equitable and effective manner.
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Sergey Terebkov