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From offices across the state, Small Business Majority works closely with policymakers and small business owners to address the most important issues impacting California's entrepreneurs today—access to responsible capital, healthcare, retirement, workplace benefits and more. We provide in-person and online presentations to educate small business owners about these topics and more, and we work with a robust network of California small business owners to offer their unique perspectives to state lawmakers, the media and other stakeholders about issues that impact their businesses. To supplement our outreach in the small business community, we conduct opinion and economic research and develop policy analysis of state and national legislation that affects California's small employers. Together, these efforts shape our educational efforts and the policy recommendations we make on behalf of small businesses. Since our founding in 2005, Small Business Majority has served as a trusted hub for the resources and policies that are necessary to empower under-resourced businesses to thrive and to build a truly equitable economy. We do this by connecting small business owners with the education and resources they need to start, grow, and sustain their business. We partner with national, state, and local business organizations to share important updates and information with small business owners. We focus our efforts at the federal level, via our nine offices across the country and in18 targeted states covering two-thirds of the U.S. population.
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