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The Ring of Democracy

Our organization is a catalyst for change in our community. We're here to roll up our sleeves and get to work, engaging, educating, and organizing folks who've been overlooked for far too long. Our mission is to empower Black, Brown, and historically marginalized people through the work that we do. We're not about promises; we're about action, and our actions speak volumes in the fight for a more equitable and just community. Our organization possesses an amount of knowledge gained from years of experience which makes us an invaluable presence at the planning table. Our comprehension of the needs and difficulties faced by the community marginalized groups is deeply embedded in our extensive history of active community engagement and advocacy. We have coordinated and implemented projects that have made a difference and our dedication to equity and inclusivity remains steadfast. We're not just seeking a seat at the table; we're here to leverage our expertise and drive change that matters, because we understand our community's needs and are dedicated to amplifying its voice.
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Stacey Volcy