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Yolo County Children's Alliance

Yolo County Children's Alliance (YCCA) exists to protect and empower children by strengthening families throughout Yolo County. We do this by ensuring everyone has access to the resources they need to build meaningful ties to their communities and each other. Our work is all about understanding the specific needs in our communities and identifying effective solutions to meet those needs by coordinating on-the-ground service providers, government agencies, and funders. Everything we do is built on empathy and designed for impact. Meaning, stronger families, deeper connections with community, and brighter futures for all Yolo County children. Our organization brings to the table more than 20 years of rapport within Yolo County communities, and more than 20 years of program development based on the community's evolving needs. Since opening in 2002, YCCA has expanded on our foundational role as the designated Child Abuse Prevention Council (CAPC) of Yolo County, now serving as an inter-agency coordinator, building networks of support throughout Yolo County. YCCA combines the lived experiences of our team with on-the-ground expertise in our communities to understand local needs and lead the charge in developing solutions.
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Jeneba Lahai