The Inclusive Economy Poll

The Inclusive Economy Poll provides a snapshot of experiences, perspectives, and viewpoints related to economic opportunity, access, well-being, and awareness in the eight-county Capital Region.

About the Poll

Each year, Valley Vision, the backbone support organization for We Prosper Together, fields 2-3 public opinion polls in partnership with Sacramento State’s Institute for Social Research to generate greater understanding of the most pressing issues facing our region. The Inclusive Economy Poll was fielded in 2023 and is Valley Vision’s first public opinion poll solely focused on the economic well-being of our eight-county region.

The poll was created to understand community perspectives and experiences to guide the development of a regional economic roadmap. The Rockefeller Inclusive Economic Indicators, a framework for economic inclusion, informed the creation of the poll’s themes and questions. According to this framework, an inclusive economy is Equitable, Accessible, Growing, Stable, and Sustainable.

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Executive Summary

“I want everyone to be on a level playing ground where they have access to opportunities, education, safety, and don’t have to worry about basic human conditions."

Poll Respondent

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