Catalyst Fund Framework

To ensure actionable change in building a more inclusive and resilient economy, the Catalyst Fund invests in our regional economic plan by providing funding for project development and regional alignment.

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Last updated 02/12/2024

Catalyst Fund Framework

Through California Jobs First, the Catalyst Fund invests up to $14 million into our region to bridge the gap between the planning and implementation phases. The Catalyst Fund aims to:

  • Strengthen the long-term collaboration of planning partners, and
  • Build a pipeline of viable projects that align with California Jobs First’s objectives.

The framework provides additional information on eligibility, timelines, considerations, and the components of the Catalyst Fund.

As the region’s fiscal agent, Valley Vision submitted a funding application on behalf of the region in Fall 2023. Funds granted will be made available by the state in May 2024. Funds must be fully expensed by September 30, 2026.

Resource Materials

Catalyst Fund Framework

Learn more about the Catalyst Fund’s application process, aims, timeline, and eligibility.