California Jobs First Planning Phase Plan

The Planning Phase timeline developed for We Prosper Together promotes an inclusive approach to creating the governance structure, gathering regional information, and forming our shared economic strategy.

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We Prosper Together
Last updated 02/12/2024

The California Jobs First 18-month Planning Phase timeline was collaboratively developed through a combination of committee work during the application phase, communication with stakeholders, and shared learnings from other California Jobs First regions and California staff and consultants.

The Planning Phase is broken down into four phases:

  • Phase 1 (April – June 2023): Formation of the Collaborative Structure
  • Phase 2 (June – November 2023): Launch of Collaborative, Research and Discovery, Communications
  • Phase 3 (November 2023 – June 2024): Planning, Learning, and Immersed Engagement
  • Phase 4 (March – August 2024): Bridge to Implementation and Sustainability

In the Planning Phase, $5 million is being invested into each of the 13 regions under California Jobs First to (1) establish a Collaborative of regional planning partners, (2) lead research and community engagement activities, and (3) define Regional Economic Plans.

Resource Materials

Capital Region Planning Phase Plan

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